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Service Forum

Our experience shows that radical action, taken in haste, serves neither the groups nor our services well. Since change rarely occurs overnight, patience and acceptance may be called for."
...A Guide to Local Services in NA pg 4 (Second Concept)

Where and when does the Service Forum meet?

Not currently meeting

What is the Service Forum?

Sometimes an area committee comes up with a question or special project that does not fit into any existing subcommittee’s job description. Perhaps a new piece of NA literature is being developed by world services, for instance, and the area has been asked to gather input on the piece from NA members. Perhaps local members have come up with an idea for a new piece of NA literature that they want to develop a bit before they turn it over to world services. Maybe area groups have begun having difficulty finding new places in which to hold recovery meetings and want the ASC to give extended attention to the matter. Or perhaps the committee feels it’s time to develop guidelines for itself. In such cases, the ASC may wish to create an ad hoc committee to address the issue.

Ad hoc committees are set up for specific purposes and have limited lives. When they have finished their jobs, they are disbanded. In creating an ad hoc committee, the ASC should clearly specify what the committee’s purpose will be, what authority and resources it will be given, and how long it should take to complete the job. Then the area chair may appoint either the entire ad hoc committee or just a chairperson who will put the ad hoc committee together later. Once the ad hoc committee’s work is completed, the committee is dissolved.

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