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Fellowship activities provide opportunities for us to relax, socialize with each other, and have fun. Conventions, dinners, and holiday celebrations give us a chance to celebrate our recovery while practicing social skills."
...It Works How and Why pg 94 (Tradition One)

Where and when does the Narathon committee meet?

7:30 PM
1st & 3rd Monday of Each Month

500 Allerton 
Redwood City, CA 

500 Allerton St

Donations and Volunteers welcome!!
What is the Narathon Subcommittee?

The Narathon Subcommittee is a annual subcommittee that is formed in the month of June each year with the intention of holding three separate events during the holidays from the end of November through the beginning of the following year. These events are called “The Narathons”.

The purpose of these events is to provide a safe place for addicts to meet during what can be a difficult time of year. There are 24-hour meetings and food that is donated by members of the fellowship.

For questions or to support the event, see contacts above.

HELPLINE: 650-802-5950