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Group Service Representative resources

New GSR Info, Resources, & Events
2012-2013 PASC Calendar
GSR Training slides
GSR Report Form
Literature/Key Tag Price List
Acronym List (common terms)
Newcomer Workshop
Motion Form

ASC and Subcommittee Guidelines
PASC Guidelines rev 2013-08
Activities Guidelines rev 2009-07
Unity Day Guidelines rev 2010-11
Public Relations Guidelines rev 2012-12
Hospitals and Institutions Guidelines rev 2012-11
Narathon Guidelines rev 2008-08

2014 Inventory
ASC Inventory

Social Media IP

Social Media and Our Guiding Principles

Service Flyers
NA Helpline
ASC Literature Help

CAR Presentations and Ballot
2014 CAR Powerpoint Presentation 2014-01-08
2014 CAR Powerpoint Presentation for (RCM)

Note for Ballot below…
The document cannot be edited in anyway, such as the color logo in order for the ballot to be counted at a group vote.
An individual members may vote but only at the CAR Workshop or the CAR Session. Dates will be coming soon.
2014 Northern California CAR Ballot

Meeting Flyers
Keeping It Real Group Meeting moved

GSR Information Page
2014-11 ASC

Hospitals and Institutions OPEN slots
Hospitals and Institutions OPEN slots 2014-03-08

Upcoming PASC (2014-12)

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PASC Agenda for 2014-12
2014-09 PASC Minutes & Reports pending approval 2014-11
Tabled motion(s) for consideration (None)

ASC officer’s reports for 2014-12 ASC
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Vice Chair
- Secretary
Information Officer
- Literature Rep
- Alt RCM

Subcommittee reports for 2014-12 ASC
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Unity Day
Hospitals and Institutions
Public Relations
PR/H&I (Regional report 2014-05)

HELPLINE: 650-802-5950